Lesson Study Alliance

Lesson Study Alliance is dedicated to enriching the professional lives of teachers and the academic lives of students by supporting the effective use of Lesson Study, especially in mathematics. Lesson Study Alliance is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation based in Chicago.

About Lesson Study

Lesson Study is a structured process for teachers to work together to discover solutions to common teaching-learning challenges. The members of Lesson Study Alliance help teachers and schools implement an especially powerful form of Lesson Study called Collaborative Lesson Research, or CLR.

Our activities include:

  • hosting the international Chicago Lesson Study Conference
  • hosting smaller conferences and training sessions for teams of teachers;
  • facilitating and giving final comments for research lessons;
  • providing site-based professional development, including knowledgeable other services; and
  • supporting and distributing LessonNote, a free iPad application used in classroom observation and discussion.

Contact us at info@LSAlliance.org or 773-888-3404.

About Us

We are a coalition of educators dedicated to helping each other and others learn about lesson study and use the process to improve teaching and learning. The most important work is done by the hard-working teachers who design and teach public research lessons, assist with the annual conference or summer workshops, and more. Backing them up are Tom McDougal, who handles the day-to-day business of Lesson Study Alliance and supports teachers through the lesson study process, and Dr. Akihiko Takahashi of DePaul, who contributes his expertise by giving talks and serving as a knowledgeable other.

CLR: A powerful form of Lesson Study

We introduce "Collaborative Lesson Research" (CLR) as a new term that captures much of what we have learned about how to make Lesson Study effective. Our article about CLR has just been published in ZDM, the international math education journal. Learn more...

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Read the documentary on Lesson Study

Read the documentary on Lesson Study

For anyone who found it difficult to find time to listen to the terrific radio documentary by American RadioWorks, you can read the segment about Lesson Study here. Some of my favorite quotes: "We need to shift from thinking about how to improve teachers to thinking...

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The choice of numbers matters!

The choice of numbers matters!

I am looking at a lesson research proposal for grade 5 on division of decimal values by a whole number. The problem the team plans to use is 4.26 ÷ 3, and their goal is for students to discover that the same processes they use to model division with whole numbers...

Meaning of ‘3/4’

Meaning of ‘3/4’

How do we want students to understand a fraction such as 3/4? Yesterday I had the privilege of working with an elementary team that is starting lesson study for the first time. They decided their theme would be around developing persistence in their students through...

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