Teaching math through problem solving &endash; summer workshops

Teams of teachers (and administrators!) are invited to join a Teaching through Problem Solving (TtPS) workshop this summer. Teaching through Problem Solving is an exciting approach to teaching mathematics, widely used in Japan. It engages students in acquiring a deep understanding of mathematics concepts and procedures while developing perseverance in problem solving and cultivating students’ ability to discuss different mathematical approaches and ideas.

Teachers use Lesson Study to work with their colleagues to develop the skills needed for designing lessons around problem solving. Those skills include:

and more.

Each team will complete a “research lesson plan” comprising a unit plan and a detailed lesson plan for the coming school year, a first step in making Teaching through Problem Solving a routine part of their classroom practice.

Session A Session B
July 7-10
O’Keeffe Elementary School
6740 S. Merrill

Register by May 28
Payment by June 5
August 11-14
Prieto Math and Science Academy
2231 N. Central

Register by June 25
Payment by July 10

To register, download and complete the registration form and fax to the number on the form.

View last year’s agenda.

Questions? Call Tom McDougal at 773-888-3404.

It was an amazing experience! It made a real change in our teachers’ thinking about mathematics and it definitely made us all better practitioners!
— Ania Franczyk, Math Coordinator, Erie Charter School
It was incredibly powerful for me to participate with my teachers. It strengthened our community around an exciting vision of math instruction. It was also fun! This was the best and most engaging professional development I've ever seen.
— Mariel Laureano, Principal, Prieto Math and Science Academy