Chicago Lesson Study Schools

More-Experienced Schools

The following Chicago schools have been doing Collaborative Lesson Research, i.e. high-quality lesson study, for at least a year:

Chavez Multicultural Academic Center
4747 N. Marshfield
Since 2010 (some individuals since 2008)
Contact Joseph Rosen, assistant principal, or Barton Dassinger, principal

Prieto Math and Science Academy
2231 N. Central
Since 2010
Contact Andrew Friesema, math and science coordinator

Peirce International Studies Elementary School
1423 W. Bryn Mawr Ave
Since 2015
Contact Josh Lerner, math coordinator, or Lorianne Zaimi, principal

Brentano Math and Science Academy
2723 N. Fairfield Ave.
Since 2016
Contact Seth Lavin, principal or Erendira Alcántara, assistant principal

South Shore Fine Arts Academy
1431 E. 70th St.
Since 2012
Contact Vicki Lee, principal

George Westinghouse College Prep
(using lesson study in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science!)
3223 W. Franklin Blvd.
Contact W. Terrell Burgiss, assistant principal


New to lesson study in 2015-2016, but committed to making CLR a schoolwide practice:

Lake View High School
4015 N. Ashland Ave
Contact Matthew Rosenberg, math teacher, or P.J. Karafiol, principal