LessonNote 4 User Guide

LessonNote helps educators collect important qualitative and quantitative information about the flow of a classroom lesson and its impact on students. That data can then support a productive discussion about how to improve teaching and learning.

Overview: The 4 main screens

Placing entities

1: Choose an entity type (student, teacher, etc.)
2..5: Tap repeatedly to place

Use actual student names


Use Group entitites to take notes about students working together


Mark the start and end times of the lesson
Repeat to change the time

Capture student thinking

1: Tap on an entity (student, teacher, etc.)

2: Write a note

3a: Tap on another entity to save & start another note


3b: Save & close

Group notes

Capture group activity and conversation.

Record interactions

Drag to record interactions

Notepad tools

A: Take a photo
B: Move/resize photo (drag/pinch)
C: Switch to writing

Record general notes

A: Note with a photo
B: Note with a seating chart (see below)
C: General note

Seating chart note

Quickly take notes about many students at once.

Record modality transitions

Record when shifts occur between whole class instruction, group work, etc.

Single-column view with timeline

A: Current position
B: Tap to jump to new position

Orange = Whole class
Green = Individual work
Blue = Group work
Red = Other

Note headers

A: Start time
B: Relative start time (since start of lesson)
C: Student
D: Note duration

Filtering tools (bottom corner)

A: Notes with a photo
B: Flagged notes
C: Notes with a seating chart
D: Tagged notes (subscription required)
E: Notes about certain students (select from seating chart)
X: Clear

Other actions

A: Page view (see below)
B: Add more notes
C: Upload to LessonNote Pro (subscription required)

Page view

See more notes at once


Statistics about the use of time, and more

Edit a note

A: View/edit note full-screen
B: Add typed annotation
C: Flag a note

Delete a note

Swipe left to delete a note or transition

Insert a modality transition

1: Select a note
2: Tap insertion tool
3: Select transition type
4: Select Before or After