LessonNote – What’s New

V. 4.0

This version is a major rewrite of the application, which now requires iOS 13 or later.

  • The handwriting engine is completely redone. Handwriting capture is now perfect, especially if you use an Apple Pencil.
  • Undo of handwriting is instantaneous.
  • Move fluidly back and forth between note-taking and notes review; quickly review and edit recent notes.
  • More ways to filter notes. Previously you could filter notes that were flagged or that have a photo. New: filter notes that contain a seating chart or are related to one or more entities (e.g. students).
  • New, simpler user interface for handling photos.
  • A LessonNote Pro subscription is required to record more than 5 lessons per year. (Lessons with 15 or fewer notes don’t count against this limit.) The app is still free for typical lesson study use by teachers and administrators. But we are asking power users to help pay for future developments of the app.

V. 3.8, December 2017

  • Improved interface for deleting images: two-finger tap to select, then tap the trash can icon.
  • Fixed issues with creating a new lesson, creating a new seating chart, creating a lesson from a seating chart
  • Preserve active filters if user taps timeline in review mode
  • Show a spinner and dim the background when user deletes a lesson
  • Additional fixes to prevent reported crashes

V. 3.7, May 2017

  • Subscribe to LessonNote Pro via in-app purchase – back up your data, export notes to PDF, share notes and seating charts with others, extract photos, and more.
  • Fixed issue where spurious lines could be drawn due to multi-touch in drawing window
  • No longer prompted to verify cancel after expanding a note in review mode unless you actually changed something in the note
  • Optimized memory usage to improved app stability in long lesson study sessions

V. 3.6.1, Nov. 16, 2016

  • Fixed: a spurious line would sometimes get drawn in a note.

V. 3.6, Nov. 16, 2016

  • TAGS! Add tags to notes. The app is loaded with an initial set of tags based on the TRU Math dimensions developed by Alan Schoenfeld (except using “Content” instead of “Mathematics”), and the user can create custom tags. Tags can be applied during note-taking and also during review. During review, you can filter notes based on tags.
  • Edit notes from review mode. During review, tap the “expand note” button. You can also edit it, including the photo (two-finger tap to select it).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first touchpoint to get thrown away, which meant that the first piece of a pen stroke was omitted.
  • Fixed some photo-related crashes.