LessonNote Pro

LessonNote Pro is a web-based companion to the LessonNote iPad app. It provides safe storage for and on-line access to your LessonNote data while providing several functions not available on the iPad app alone.

Starting with version 4 of LessonNote, a subscription to LessonNote Pro also unlocks some features within the iPad app, including the ability to record an unlimited number of lessons.

See below for school or multi-user subscriptions.

To purchase a subscription using a purchase order or by check, contact us at subscriptions@lessonnote.com.

Share seating charts

From the iPad app, share a seating chart with any other user, whether they have a Pro subscription or not.

View on the web

Review your lessons in any web browser.


Export data as PDF or CSV (for statistical analysis, for example).

Student data

View notes for a specific student across all of your lessons

Lesson statistics

Analyze a lesson based on various statistics.

School/Group accounts

Schools or other institutions can purchase group subscriptions which provide a savings over purchasing individual accounts. In addition, users within the same group have the option of sharing their data with other members in the same group.

Each group account comes with at least one administrator account. A group administrator can create and delete accounts within the group.

Small school/group

Up to 10 user accounts
1 administrator account

Medium school/group

Up to 30 user accounts
1 administrator account

Large school/group

Up to 60 user accounts
2 administrator accounts

These can be combined – for example small group + medium group for up to 40 users.

To purchase, send a purchase order to us at subscriptions@lessonnote.com or mail to:

Lesson Study Alliance
5055 S Dorchester Ave #305
Chicago, IL 60615-3015

Questions? Send us an email!