LessonNote – A free iPad app to support Lesson Study

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Lesson Study Alliance developed LessonNote, and the companion web application LessonNote Pro, to support effective Lesson Study.

LessonNote, a free app available at the iTunes store, helps the observer collect detailed qualitative and quantitative data during a lesson.

See the user guide for version 4.

The heart of LessonNote is a customizable seating chart populated with icons representing students, teachers, groups, and displays (such as a blackboard). Tapping on an icon, or dragging from one icon to another, opens a note-taking area at the bottom.

You can easily create and modify new seating charts as needed, and create templates for classrooms you visit frequently.

Insert photos, move, resize, and annotate. Insert a seating chart and annotate.
Insert, select, move photo.
Record transitions between different modalities.
Review notes in single column or three-column formats, and see statistics about the lesson.