2015 Lesson Study Conference

Prieto Math and Science Academy

2231 N. Central Ave

Chicago, IL


KAMPAI!  Celebrate! (Kampai is a traditional Japanese toast)

We toast the great work done by the teachers in their research lesson, and celebrate the work we have all done here to support teaching and learning in mathematics

Thursday 5/7 from 5:30 to 7:00 at Renaldi’s Pizza
2827 N. Broadway Chicago (next to the Willows Hotel)

Pizza provided by Lesson Study Alliance, cash bar available.


2015 Conference

Thursday & Friday, May 7 & 8, 2015

This conference will feature three research lessons exploring how teaching math through problem solving can help students develop the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core State Standards. Each lesson will be taught live to students, followed by an in-depth discussion about the impact of the lesson on students, with final comments by an expert in elementary mathematics.

  • Grade 5 lesson: Dividing a fraction by a whole number.
  • Grade 2-3 lesson: When should I add and when should I subtract?
  • Grade 6 lesson: Geometry: Area of a triangle



Thursday’s agenda:

9:45 Grade 5 research lesson: Division of a fraction by a whole number.
10:45 Break
10:50 Small group discussions
11:10 Panel discussion
11:50 Final comments (T. Watanabe)
12:10 pm Lunch
12:55  pm Grade 2 research lesson: How do I know whether to add or subtract? (tentative)
1:45 pm Break
1:50 pm Small group discussions
2:10 pm Panel discussion
2:50 pm Final comments on research lesson (A. Takahashi)

3:10 pm Break

3:15  pm Keynote: “Multiplication and proportional reasoning: A Japanese perspective on the Common Core” (T. Watanabe)
4:15 pm Close

Friday’s schedule:

8:45 Breakfast
9:15 Lesson pre-briefing
9:35 Grade 6 research lesson: Area of triangles
10:25 Break
10:30 Small group discussions
10:50 Panel discussion
11:35 Final comments (M. Yoshida)
11:55 Lunch
12:35 pm “School-wide collaborative lesson research (CLR): A powerful model of lesson study ” (C. Lewis, A. Takhashi)
1:00 pm “Building school-wide collaborative lesson research: reports from the field.” Brief presentations by Q&A with teachers and administrators doing collaborative lesson research
2:00 pm  Evaluation & reflection
2:15 pm End