2016 Conference resources

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Keynote by Alan Schoenfeld, “Teaching for Robust Understanding with Lesson Study” – slides

Research lesson for grade 4 mathematics, “How do mathematicians add fractions with unlike denominators?”, taught by Alex Johansen of Prieto Math and Science Academy – research proposal.

Here is the video:

Tad Watanabe, “A focused and coherent progression of fractions” – slides

Tom McDougal, “Collaborative Lesson Research: Maximizing the impact of lesson study” – slides

Friday, May 6, 2016

Jessica Mahon, TRU and the CPS Plan for Mathematics – TRU Math Conversation Guide

Research lesson for grade 2 mathematics, “Using tape diagrams to illustrate our thinking” (subraction with unknown start), taught by Bethany Jorgensen of Chavez Multicultural Academy – research proposal

Research lesson for grade 7 humanities, “Flint Water Crisis: People Have the Right to Clean Water”, taught by Roxana Gonzalez of Prieto Math and Science Academy – research proposal